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Rope Access Course Perth

Weekly IRATA training courses

Red Rope Access has an established IRATA training facility to train personnel to the highest rope access standards. The facility is set up with the specific requirements of the industry, both onshore and offshore. The facility imitates the scenarios a rope access technician will come across in the course of work in a challenging industrial environment.


Our courses included relevant course material for:

  • Level 1: Introduction to Rope Access
  • Level 2: An Experienced Technician
  • Level 3: An Experienced Rescue Technician

Our rope access courses

Rope Access Technician (Level 1, 2, 3)

This training course covers the requirements for Level 1: Introduction to Rope Access, Level 2: An Experienced Technician & Level 3: An Experienced Rescue Technician.

All training will be undertaken by an experienced Level 3 technician and an independent assessor will assess trainees on the final day of the course. Candidates are reminded that our IRATA rope access courses are skills-based and the required skill is to be demonstrated to the independent assessor during the assessment session to achieve an award in the level of rope access being assessed.

* NOTE: For course dates marked with an asterisk (*), your week will consist of 5 days of training (Mon – Fri), with your assessment on Day 6 (Saturday).


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Re-Assessment & Training

If you have failed your last course and have been recommended for three days of additional training, this ticket allows for training for three days prior to the assessment on the week of the course. These training days can be arranged with our Training Manager if they can not be completed consecutively.

Please contact Mikey on 0437 516 665 or email to discuss available dates.


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Refresher/Variation of Competence Training

Red Rope Access offers refresher training along with Variation of Competence for any level of rope access technician. This training typically runs for 4 hours but is not limited.

We can accommodate these sessions after business hours and on weekends. Please include a booking date you’d prefer in the order notes section of checkout. Once paid, our team will be in touch to organise a time that suits you.


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