Rope Access Technician (Level 1, 2, 3)


This training course covers the requirements for Level 1: Introduction to Rope Access, Level 2: An Experienced Technician & Level 3: An Experienced Rescue Technician.

All training will be undertaken by an experienced Level 3 technician and an independent assessor will assess trainees on the final day of the course. Candidates are reminded that our IRATA rope access courses are skills-based and the required skill is to be demonstrated to the independent assessor during the assessment session to achieve an award in the level of rope access being assessed.

* NOTE: For course dates marked with an asterisk (*), your week will consist of 5 days of training (Mon – Fri), with your assessment on Day 6 (Saturday).


Red Rope Access has an established IRATA training facility to train personnel to the highest rope access standards. The facility is set up with the specific requirements of the industry, both onshore and offshore. The facility imitates the scenarios a rope access technician will come across in the course of work in a challenging industrial environment. Before you undertake a training course, please consider carefully what additional skills you have to offer to a potential employer, as ability in rope access only may not be enough to secure employment.

As specified in the course notes, all equipment will meet rope access standards.

Additional information

Course Dates

15th – 20th Jan, 22nd – 26th Jan, 29th – 2nd Feb, 5th – 9th Feb, 12th – 16th Feb, 19th – 23rd Feb, 26th – 2nd Mar, 4th – 8th Mar, 11 – 15th Mar, 18 – 22nd Mar, 25th – 29th Mar, 1st – 5th April, * 8th – 13th April *, 15 – 19th April, 22nd – 26th April, 29th – 3rd May, * 6th – 11th May *, 13th – 17th May, 20th – 24th May, 27th – 31st May, 3rd – 7th June, 10th – 14th June, * 17th – 22nd June *, 24th – 28th June, 1st – 5th July, *8th – 13th July*, 15th – 19th July, 22nd – 26th July, *29th July – 2nd Aug*, 5th – 9th August, 12th – 17th August, 19th – 23rd August, 26th – 30th August, 2nd – 6th September, *9th – 14th September*, 16th – 20th September, 23rd – 27th September

Level to be assessed at

LEVEL 1 – New or Resit, LEVEL 2 – Upgrade from Level 1, LEVEL 2 – Resit, LEVEL 3 – Upgrade from Level 2, LEVEL 3 – Resit

Level 1: Introduction to Rope Access

To reach this level, an individual is required to have attended a basic training course and to have passed an independent assessment. They will be constantly supervised and assessed until they have demonstrated professional ability and a responsible attitude whilst working at this level. They can perform basic rescue.

Level 2: An Experienced Technician

A Level II Lead Rope Access Technician is required to complete a minimum of 1000 logged working hours at this level in a minimum of 12 months, attend a course and to have passed an independent assessment in order to reach Level II. A Level II Rope Access Technician can set up a worksite under the guidance of a Team Leader Level III; they can perform more complicated rescues.

Level 3: An Experienced Rescue Technician

A Level II Rope Access Technician is required to complete a minimum of 1000 logged working hours in a minimum of 12 months, i.e.2000 hours and a minimum of 2 years in total and demonstrate their leadership ability. The candidate must then pass an independent assessment to reach Level III. A Level III Rope Access Team Leader will be required to be able to carry out Risk Assessments, supervise worksites, be responsible for the rope access team safety, decide on starting and terminating operations and participate in and supervise rescues.

On successful completion of a course Red Rope Access will register individuals with IRATA. Technicians will receive their logbooks in the post generally 1-2 months later. During this period a copy of the successfully completed assessment will enable them to undertake employment in the rope access industry.

While every precaution has been made to supply complete and accurate information, Red Rope Access assumes no responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any liability, loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by the instructions contained in or accompanying the introduction and course notes.